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Website Hosting Exposed

Web Hosting is a kind of Internet service that enables individuals and businesses to make their online portals accessible on the Internet. Hosting service providers are companies that offer content storage space on a hosting server stored in a datacenter facility and ensure constant Internet connection.

Where do you start?

The Internet has become a vital component of every person's everyday routine. It gives you the option to earn extra money, but can also be a main source of revenue. In order to display commercials on your web site or to advertise a commodity that you offer, you invariably require a hosting solution, which will make sure that your web page is protected and constantly up and running. But how do you discover one that is affordably priced and yet dependable enough?

The shared hosting platform

The solution hosting vendors have come up with is named shared hosting. With the shared web hosting solution, many hosting users are hosted on one and the very same hosting server. There are strict limitations on the resources that each shared web hosting account can in fact make use of, thus guaranteeing that they do not interfere with each other. The shared hosting solution offers acceptable performance and costs less than, let's say, a dedicated server, which is utilized by only one person. The shared hosting solution permits web hosting providers to offer their customers attractive prices. It usually includes easy-to-use web hosting Control Panel software, as is the case with ExclusiveHosting, and enables everyone to administer their web portals without bothering about server installation and maintenance procedures, which are entirely taken care of by the website hosting distributor.

VPS Server Web Hosting

With the VPS web server hosting solution, on the other hand, you share a physical server with other private virtual web hosting server clients, but you are allocated a dedicated share of the resources. The Virtual Private Server hosting solution is the middle ground between the much more affordably priced shared hosting solution and the more expensive dedicated server web hosting solution, and is a perfect solution for anyone who would like to host, for instance, an audio or video streaming website or a social networking website. The fact that you have to deal with the server configuration settings and software updates yourself is somewhat of a weakness, but this could also be a huge plus if you indeed have to implement certain server configuration modifications - something that would be inconceivable on a shared hosting web server.

Dedicated Web Server Hosting

Dedicated web servers are in the majority of instances much more high-priced than shared or virtual web server hosting solutions. You might ask why would anyone use a dedicated hosting server then? The reply is very simple. If your firm has a heavy resource-absorbing web site, or simply has very exact server setup and security requirements, the most reasonable choice would be a dedicated hosting web server that you or your server administrators can administer directly. For somebody who is ready to invest in safety and reliability, the higher price is not a concern. You acquire root access and can use 100 percent of the web server's resources without anyone else availing of these resources and interfering with your online portals.