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Free Web Hosting

You want to host your web site for free, but where do you do that without web banners being placed on your website? Is that even conceivable? It turns out that it is viable indeed, although there is a very small number of hosting service providers delivering free web hosting services without advertisements.

My recently discovered free web hosting plans provider

A short while back I discovered 100 Webspace, a United States-registered web hosting provider, which provides free-of-charge web site hosting services. The principal reason why they can furnish free-of-charge website hosting packages without any banner ads is the circumstance that you can have just one single cost-free website hosting account with them, whereas hosting distributors that embed banner commercials on your websites permit you to have as many charge-free web site hosting user accounts as you prefer.

Free hosting limits

Many free web site hosting providers ban the use of their free-of-charge hosting plans for file or image hosting purposes solely and the use of traffic for hotlinking purposes. A lot of free web hosting service providers disallow hotlinking or remote linking and the inclusion of many computer file extensions. 100 Webspace makes no exception and disallows inline linking by default.

File size limitations

Other typical restrictions forced on free-of-cost web site hosting accounts by free web hosting suppliers are connected with the file size. For example, 100 Webspace does not allow users to upload files whose size is more than 500KB or big media files. Even if you attempt to upload a sizeable file or a forbidden file format, it will not work out. You can upload bigger files and evade this limitation if you upgrade to a professional paid website hosting plan. 100 Webspace furnishes pretty reasonably priced web hosting packages in case you require additional system resources.

File quotas

One additional free website hosting account restriction is related to the number of files you can accommodate inside the website hosting account. Paid website hosting plans typically include file quotas too, but free-of-cost web site hosting accounts have much more limited file quotas. Let's take as an example the free website hosting package offered by 100 Webspace. You can only save 5000 files in your charge-free hosting account and have to upgrade to a professional paid hosting package if you decide to store more. The charge-free plan does not include an email service as well, so this type of hosting service is mainly applicable for testing purposes or if you have a family-oriented, not-for-profit website, which requires an extremely small amount of web traffic and has very few files. If your tiny website project starts to grow, however, you do not necessarily have to change providers, since there also is the option to upgrade your web hosting package to a paid one without the need to switch servers.